Frquently Asked Questions


We value your privacy. Any information that you provide us, including your email will not be sold to or hired out to third parties nor will we send you unsolicited emails. Your email will be used for account management purposes and to send you information about ads that matches your email alerts. You initiate and terminate email alerts so you are in full control of the emails that you will receive from us.

Email Alerts

Email alerts is where we send you an email when a new ad is placed that satisfy your search criteria. You can have as much email alerts as you like and these can cover property, automobiles and classifieds. It saves you the hassle of coming to the site everyday and doing a search. Hence you wont miss out on an item you are looking out for.

Uploading Images

For best results make your photo 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. To make the upload times faster, especially if you are on a modem connection, reduce the image size to less than 100K. Most time when you crop your photo to 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high, the image size will come down to less than 100K bytes.

If your photo is larger than 100K there are number of free tools that you can download and use on your Windows computer. We recommend Infran and/or Easy Thumbnails. Please use these tools to crop and reduce your photo size before you upload them.

When you are uploading photos please keep in mind they only needs to be uploaded once. You can edit your ad without uploading the photos again. Just click next through the Upload Photo page. If you do need to upload a new photo, the whole set would need to be uploaded, even the photos that you are not updating.

To upload an photo file click the Browse button and then locate the image file on your computer file system. Double click on the image file name and it will be selected for uploading. Then do the same for the other photo files. Please note that the image files need be of the type of jpg, gif or png.

You can include a Caption to describe the picture. This will be shown in the form of a tool tip when the mouse is held stationary on the photo.

After uploading photos preview of your ad is displayed. This gives you a chance to verify and make sure the right photos got uploaded. If you are editing an ad the old photos may show on the preview. This is because your web browser stores (caches) images for faster viewing. To see the new photos click Refresh button on your broswer.

Short List

You can use this feature to store short list of your property, car and classifieds ads. Simply click on the short list link or check the boxes of the ads you want to short list and then click the short list icon.

The short list will be available as long as the browser is open and your session has not timed out. If you would like to save the short list permanently so that you can come back to it later, click the save short list button from the short list menu. You can view your short list at any time by clicking on the show short list link in the header or footer menu.